Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Measuring MMC Speed

Multimedia Card (MMC) is the type of flash card popularly used in Nokia phones. As of this writing, aside from the Nokia 6270 which uses mini-SD, the rest can accept only MMC or its variants (reduced-size, dual-voltage).

I use Sisoftware’s Sandra (System ANalyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) to measure the speed of my flash cards. You can download Sandra here.

You would need a USB card reader to make the flash card accessible to your computer. Once plugged in, Windows XP should automatically load the required driver and show your flash card as one of the available drives.

Select the module Removable Storage/Flash Benchmark and indicate the drive corresponding to the flash card. Sandra will measure the read, write and delete performance of your card using file sizes of 512B, 32kB, 256kB, 2MB, and 64MB. Performance ratings are expressed in operations per minute and kB per second.

Whereas most vendors use the equivalence of 1X=150kBps, take note that Sandra uses 176kBps. To get the standard benchmark rating, multiply the Sandra X-rating by 176/150 or 1.17.

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