Sunday, March 5, 2006

Samsung / Motorola phones - microSD / Transflash Compatibility

Except for the names, the microSD and Transflash are identical. On 26 February 2004, Transflash (or T-flash) was introduced by Sandisk as the world’s smallest removable flash storage module for mobile phones.

The exceptionally small size of TransFlash (11mm x 15mm x1mm) represents approximately one quarter of the volume of the smallest removable flash cards available on the market today and allows handset manufacturers to incorporate significant amounts of removable storage capacity into their progressively smaller handsets without changing the physical size of the phone.

On 14 March 2005, the SD Card Association announced plans to finalize specifications for a new, super-compact memory card called the microSD, the third form factor in the SD family after SD Memory Card and miniSD. The microSD will be completely compatible with SanDisk’s TransFlash format.

Here are mobile phones that use the microSD:

ManufacturerPhone Model
MotorolaA630 • A780 • A840 • A860 • A1000 • A1010 • C975 • E398 • E815 • E895 • E1000 • E1060 • E1120 • i930 • MPX300 • ROKR • RAZR • SLVR •V635 • V710 • V850 • V975 • V980 • V1000 • V1050 • V1150
SamsungA800 • A920 • A940 • A950 • A970 • D510 • D600 • i300 • X700 • X810 • Z300 • Z500 • Z700

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