Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cebumapia, the Google Gadget

I've always wondered if I could package Cebumapia as a Google Gadget.. After taking a peek at the other Gadget samples, I was determined to build it. The wondering stage is over now..

The gadget uses the Google Maps API to render the map, overlay markers and trigger events when the mouse hovers on markers and when these are clicked. Markers are stored in xml files and fetched using the gadget-specific _IG_FetchXmlContent function.

The Cebumapia gadget code is miniscule - only 200 lines. But then, functionality is trimmed down to the very basic and UI is just as minimalistic. Take out the module header, css and html portions, and you are left with only 100 lines of javascript code.

If you've been wanting to create your own killer gadget and thinking you don't have the time, start now! My advise.. Start with small reliable code and incrementally build on it. Me? I'm planning to add a local news feed.. spruce up the UI for an iPhone-ish look.. or maybe not.

Add the Cebumapia gadget to your iGoogle page..

See the gadget embedded in Blogger template at Cebumapia.

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