Thursday, May 22, 2008

Xfire Gadget

Have XML feed, will gadgetize..

Xfire provides xml feeds on gamer profiles, gameplays, friends, screenshots -- a whole lot of goodies. An Xfire gadget would be a good addition to one's blog, website or iGoogle.

One of the goals was to determine how close the gadget can resemble the real thing so it was initially developed using the default Xfire skin. Making a cross-browser scrollable table was not a trivial task and once the problem was solved, I started to hate the over-sized scroll bars. More coding lies ahead..

Employing the Ajax paradigm of single-page experience, remote services, rich visual controls and other design patterns, any web app can now come real close to the regular desktop UI.

A live gadget using a COD4 skin is displayed in another blog.

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