Sunday, October 14, 2007

Monitoring CPU Temperature

One of my favorite computer diagnostics package is Everest from Lavalys, Inc. It gives you a load of information about your computer without taking off its cover. Well, you still couldn't tell the temperature of your CPU even if you popped open the hood -- and that's something that Everest can do, with a clean graphical interface to boot.

An overheating CPU can be caused by poor airflow, clogged fan, poor heatsink contact, or dirt build-up among other factors. It can also be caused by processor-intensive tasks or a misbehaving computer virus.

Whatever the underlying cause, a high CPU temperature is a good indicator of an impending computer malfunction. It would be nice of we can capture the CPU temperature periodically, graph it and issue alerts when a critical threshold is breached. Now that's a job for Nagios.

In the succeeding posts, we'll see how this was done.

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