Monday, February 12, 2007

Push Email via WM5 ActiveSync

Push email is used to describe the ability to deliver (or push) messages to clients as they arrive at the mail server. Compare this against the traditional email — you need to fire up your favorite email client like Outlook, Eudora or web-based Yahoo/Hotmail in order to know whether you have email. With the advent of web-connected PDAs and PocketPCs, push technology provides the capability to deliver your email wherever you are — a feature which made Blackberry synonymous to push email.

The success of Blackberry has spurred the challenge to provide a similar experience in other portable devices. For Windows-powered mobile devices, here’s how to set it up fast:

  • Create a mail2web LIVE account. The mail2web service provides free accounts on Exchange servers which includes ActiveSync support.
  • Start ActiveSync in your Windows Mobile device and configure Server. Set server address as and provide your mail2web user-id and password. Use ad2 as the domain.

The direct push feature not only delivers email but also calendar, contacts, and tasks as well. Direct push is implemented by means of the Messaging and Security Feature Pack for Windows Mobile 5.0. Check your phone vendor for a a possible ROM upgrade in order to enjoy direct push technology.

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